Looking For Work Away from South Africa

Not long ago, of all the African countries, South Africa was considered the tiger economy of the region. Many South Africans felt positive about the future and the chance of a better life. The sentiment still exists in the country but has whittled down considerably so much so that a number of South Africans have begun to migrate and work elsewhere, leaving (in their wake) many townhouses to rent.

The Brain Drain

The brain drain in South Africa has gotten to a stage where many of the talented and skilled South Africans needed for the growth of the economy is being severely felt. In a study done by the company behind Homecoming Revolution, results show that of the South Africans that left to work abroad, 78% didn’t think it would be a permanent move. However because of news and reports about corruption and lack of employment, they have stayed away from the country. It also doesn’t help that returning South Africans are perceived to have “failed” at their bid for success and financial prosperity.

Options To Work Abroad

The options available to South Africans to work abroad, more specifically in the US and UK which are the 2 top choices are:

  1. An Exchange Program for Students with Temporary Working Permits – The Students J1 and H2B US visas allow young South Africans to work and study abroad on a limited and specific time period. Interested South Africans have to find a J1 training program or partnership with a local company and a US business like the one being offered with Ritz Carlton
  2. Internship Program – The UK and US offers visas to foreigners, mostly new graduates to work in their country as an intern. However, an internship offer from a US or UK company must be made before a visa can be approved. The work program is usually for 6 to 12 months only
  3. Teaching English in Asian Countries – There are many English teaching jobs open to foreigners in countries like Thailand, Korea, and China. For these Asians, it is cheaper for them to hire a teacher than spend a few months staying in another country to learn English. Another benefit of going this route is that you can buy textbooks and continue studying through a local or distance learning institution.
  4. Work in Cruise Ship or Other Travel-related business – With the right credentials, it is easy to find work in a cruise ship or travel-related businesses as long as you find a local company who has a partnership with a travel company. This makes travel documents easier to secure. One such opportunity is the Carnival Cruises which is open to hiring South Africans for a period of 6 to 8 months
  5. Apply with an International South African Company – Another relatively quick way to work abroad is to apply with a company in South Africa that offers work abroad promotions.  There are also several groups that help place South Africans in jobs abroad like AfricaUK, South African American Business Club, Slapchips.com, and South African Network of Skills Abroad (SANSA).

Looking for work abroad is tedious, complicated, and requires a lot of patience because of the stages involved in the process. A good idea would be to work locally while applying for a job abroad.